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For Health & Care Providers

Quickly understand the world's health-related technologies and be the leader patients, clients, and their families look up to because you help them be safe, well and empowered via technology between visits.

Our Vision

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Our Mission

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meet our team

Our Team, Advisors & Collaborators

Peter Griffith

Peter is experienced in data and analytics.

Mitchell Hartman

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Executive Office Telethon Kids

Jeff Cole

Director, Center for the Digital Future and World Internal Project

Teresa Smith

Experienced Chief Marketing Roles across Australia’s top Retail brands and digital platforms

Prof Michael Nilsson, MD

Professor Michael Nilsson is Director of the Centre for Rehab Innovations (CRI) and Global Innovation Chair of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Newcastle. He is a specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine, Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, The Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Together with senior colleagues at the University of Newcastle, Professor Nilsson recently founded the Centre for Rehab Innovations (CRI), which will develop novel interdisciplinary solutions to support individually tailored rehabilitation programs in the home settings, residential and aged care environments, and within rehabilitation centers, promoting health resilience and patient recovery. Professor Nilsson has during the course of his career implemented new models of care in stroke, traumatic brain injury and Parkinson rehabilitation.

Lisa Manning

Health Professional, Complex Cases. Major Hospitals & Corporate Roles

Peta Slocombe

Clinical Psychologist, Venture Founder, Australia’s Biggest Mental Health Checkin

Hakan Eriksson

Executive Technology roles including Ericsson Group CTO, President Ericsson Silicon Valley, CEO Ericsson Australia, Telstra CTO, Board Quantum Computing

Dr Sue Abhary
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Sue is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Medical Administrators, has a PhD in genetics and diabetic retinopathy and surgical experience in the field of Ophthalmology. She’s passionate about health, doctors wellbeing, and brings experience at senior levels in private health insurance (and research foundation), health management experience in public and private hospitals, and years of board experience in the NFP sector.

Kate Eriksson

Kate has experience globally working with digital and emerging technologies, new models of business and innovation, and has spent years tracking the world’s health technologies, startups and companies. She’s lived and worked across Australia, Sweden, and the USA, working with the world’s top companies and technology brands, directing a Silicon Valley Innovation Centre, as a Founding Partner of PwC Digital, and as a Partner in a Venture Capital Fund.

A few other things..

We highly value our customers and partners.

Our Customers, Community, and Partnerships with Technology providers and Health Professionals - is everything. We serve and learn from our customers, we work closely with Technology providers to help valuable products be discovered.

We're transparent and responsive, and we'll never stop striving for better outcomes for those with health and lifestyle goals and challenges.

How do we select Technology Products and ensure quality?

Medical Home uses a combination of experience, intelligent technology, and quality processes to choose what products to make discoverable for our Community. This includes a range of keywords like smartphones, wearables, smart home, health monitoring, assistive technology; and a range of categories like communication, reminders, falls, health monitoring, home and a range of conditions like diabetes, seizures, Parkinson's, sleep, stress,

We appreciate your feedback, and helping us do better.

We're new (2019), with an ambitious and long term growth plan and roadmap to deliver a whole new, future-fit experience to a global market. Our plan is to grow to employ the kind of individuals who use Medical Home and support the foundations and associations that support you and research.

We're committed to helping people get back to doing what they love and to discover what technology exists to help.

    We believe it's time the world thought differently about what we're capable of at any age or health situation. Combining care, empathy, and the world's health-related technology, extraordinary things become possible.

    We see this as our responsibility to bring the best medical devices for home and professional to our region and combine it with healthcare services so we can make a change and a significant impact for those who need help at home or to visit one of our clinical partners.


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