Airnatech Respirator FFP2 White 10-pack


Airnatech FFP2 respirator is a foldable mask made in five layers. The protection is ergonomically designed to be easy to breathe through. The Airnatech FFP2 mask is designed to be comfortable to wear and sit comfortably over the nose and mouth. Filters at least 94% of particles measuring up to 0.6 µm and with a maximum leakage of 11%. The respirators are intended for single use and must be worn for a maximum of 8 hours. 

Developed by Swedish licensed pharmacists and manufactured in Spain. CE marked and meets the European standard EN149:2001 + A1:2009

What is an FFP mask?
To protect yourself against harmful aerosols and small particles in the air, you can use an FFP filtering respirator. FFP masks are so-called half masks, i.e. they cover the mouth, nose and chin. It is important that you use the protection correctly and that it closes tightly next to the skin. So you cannot have a beard when using an FFP mask. Unlike a regular mouth guard, the FFP masks are intended to protect the wearer from particles in the air.

FF stands for “Filtering Facepiece” and P for “Particles”. FFP masks come in three protection classes (1-3) that filter different sized particles, with 1 providing the lowest protection and 3 providing the highest protection. FFP masks are certified according to the standard EN 149.

FFP1: Respirators intended for environments where there are no hazardous aerosols or dust, where the mask is primarily intended to filter out dust so that it is not inhaled. Filters at least 80% of particles up to 0.6 μm in size. Used in, for example, the construction industry.

FFP2: Respirators intended for environments where harmful particles may be present in the air. Filters at least 94% of particles up to 0.6 μm in size. Often used in occupations where you come into contact with harmful dust, aerosols or smoke.

FFP3: Respirator that filters 99% of all particles up to 0.6 μm in size. Protects against, among other things, asbestos and is often used in, for example, the chemical industry.

Additional information

Dosage & use

Check that the mask is undamaged before using it.
Instructions for use :
1. Wash hands with soap and water for 40 seconds before putting on the face shield.
2. Only touch the face shield in the ear loops.
3. Place the face shield with the text outwards over the mouth, nose and chin without too much space between the face shield and the face.
4. Place the ear loops behind the ears.
5. Clamp the nose clip over the nose so that the face shield sits firmly against the face.

When it's time to take off the respirator; Grasp the ear straps and stretch the elastic bands so that the cover can be easily removed. Do not touch the protection filter with your hands. Wash your hands afterwards. Used respirators must not be reused and must be sorted as combustible waste.

Dimensions: 160*105 mm. Colour: white

Beard growth can reduce the effectiveness of the mask. Do not use in explosive risk environments. The product is not fire resistant and must not be used in flammable environments. For single use. Dispose of in a bin with a lid.


Spunbound, melt-blown, spunlace. Elastic band for the ear loops

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