Allévo One Meal Blueberry Bar 58 g


Allévo One Meal Bar Blueberry is a meal replacement for weight control that can replace one or two meals of the day. Replacing a meal on an energy-restricted diet helps maintain weight after weight loss. Replacing two meals helps to lose weight.

A One Meal Blueberry bar has a blueberry flavor and contains 207 kcal.

Additional information

Dosage & use

Can replace 1-2 meals per day. Drink plenty of water.

Should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Meal replacement should not be used by children, adolescents, pregnant women, breastfeeding or people with eating disorders, as weight loss for these people is not healthy. People with metabolic disorders should use the product only in consultation with a doctor.


emulsifier/emulsifier (SOYA lecithin/soy lecithin), salt, vitamins (vitamin C, niacin, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B6, thiamin, vitamin A, folic acid/folinic acid, vitamin K, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12). MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF WHEAT, GLUTEN, EGGS, NUTS, PEANUTS AND SESAME SEEDS.
May contain traces of : Tree nuts, Peanuts, Sesame seeds

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