Checkme™ O2 Max Wrist Oxygen Monitor


This product assists in monitoring, managing, or preventing health conditions, specifically oxygen, heart rate, movement, and sleep, with benefits to you, your doctor, and family.

  • Tracks your blood oxygen saturation level, heart rate, and body movements every second automatically and accurately.
  • Record and store long-term data trends on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop without additional fees.
  • The device will activate an alarm (sound or vibration) if a low blood oxygen level or an abnormal pulse rate is detected.
  • Print & share two-seconds interval, high-resolution PDF/CVS format oximetry reports with your doctor.
  • The soft silicone sensor makes Checkme™ O2 Max comfortable to wear overnight.
  • Rechargeable via USB cable, 72 hours extra-long battery life.

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Reduce Frequent Charging

  • Rechargeable battery supports 72 extra long hours measurement. Continuous tracking for up to 7 whole nights. No worries of frequent charging.

Monitor Your Sleep Every Second

  • Track your blood oxygen levels continuously at night. Measure and record your blood oxygen saturation, heart rates and body motions every second with accuracy.

Why track your blood oxygen continuously?

  • According to the American Sleep Association, the repetitive breathing pauses caused by sleep apnea during the nights can occur several times per hour and last for over 10 seconds. Continuous trackers like
  • Checkme™ O2 Max supports long hours monitoring during your sleep, can help detecting all the Apneic events and Hypopenic events in every 2 seconds. However, normal oximeters only provide spot checks, which tend to miss 99.99% of your random SpO2 falls.

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