CPVAN Motion Sensor Alarm, Wireless Alarm & Motion Detection


This product may assist with safety and security, including detecting wandering the day or night to someone else in the home or to act as a deterrent outside for external or unexpected visits eg at night.  The product doesn’t have the ability to detect or operate from a remote location.


  • WIRELESS MOTION SENSOR ALARM – Motion detectors are helpful in a home security sense. This is a stand-alone motion sensor-based alarm system for sheds, kitchens, rooms,  garage, or driveways. It provides an added level of security and safety to your property and loved ones.
  • MORE SECURE DESIGN – The PIR motion Sensor features fuzzy logic processing technology and intelligent analysis algorithms to optimize its ability to correctly interpret signals.  Communication range of up to 328ft (Sound range in open place) and detection range of the infrared sensor of approximately 16-26ft, When the movement is detected, it will activate a 125dB siren.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Door alarms for home are simple installation and easy to use.  Indoor motion sensor alarm systems can be mounted to everywhere in your home.  Used to prevent occupants from leaving home when it’s not recommended they do so, or alerting to or preventing pets from going to somewhere (such as preventing dogs and cats from entering the bedroom or exiting the property).  Remote controlled operation, activate and deactivate the system even from the outside – solid user manual provided. Add more movement detectors or remotes
  • 2 ALERT OPTIONS AND 2 POWER SUPPLY MODES- There are two types of alert settings:Alarm ring/Door ring. Two power supply modes: The motion sensors can be supplied power by 3*AA batteries(included) or micro USB (Not included, only for supplying power, not for charging).
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY & 100% SATISFACTION – Package Contents: 1 x Motion Sensor Alarm,1 x Remote Control,3 x AA batteries,1 x Double Side Tape,2 x screw,1 x Instruction manual. We stand our products 100% with a 30-day Return. If you have any problems, please feel free to email the provider. Questions or requests? We respond fast and always in your interest.

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