Drop-It single dose pipettes 20 x 5 ml


DROP-it end-dose pipettes with sterile solution are intended for daily cleaning of the eyes and nose of infants, children and adults. 

For eyes: DROP-it single-dose pipettes are intended for cleaning the eyes by instillation (drops in the eyes), eye baths or by soaking sterile compresses to use on the eyes.

For the nose: DROP-it makes it easier to clean the nose from mucus and secretions, moisturizes the nose and thus reduces nasal dryness.

Drop-it is a CE-marked medical device.

Additional information

Dosage & use

Eyes: 1. Break off a single-dose pipette and open it by twisting off the top. 2. Soak a sterile compress. Then gently wipe the eyelid, or; 3. Directly dose a few drops into the eye. Wipe off with a sterile compress if needed.

Nose: 1. Break off a single-dose pipette and open it by twisting off the top. 2. Tilt your head slightly back, insert the tip of the pipette into the nostril and carefully drip a few drops at a time, without filling the nose to avoid contamination of the middle ear. 3. Then blow/dry the nose.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use the same single-dose pipette to clean the nose and eyes.


0.9% sodium chloride in 100 ml purified water.

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