Earplugs Maximum 4 pairs


SwedSafe Maximal is an earplug for those who want high attenuation and high comfort.

SwedSafe Maximal has a high attenuation to minimize disturbing and unpleasant sounds. The earplugs can be used when sleeping, to get study breaks, when traveling, etc.

Maximum fits larger ear canals.

Attenuation: High (SNR 36dB)

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Dosage & use

When is it time to change earplugs?
The damping does not get worse with reuse, on the other hand, dirt sticks to foam plugs, so for reasons of hygiene, you should throw the plugs away when you see earwax or other dirt stuck to them.

Attenuation: High (SNR: 36 dB)


Made of polyurethane and latex free.

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