Embr Labs : Wave Bracelet – For Personalised Temperature & Comfort Control


This product may assist with hot flushes due to menopause or other conditions, with benefits to sleep, stress and general wellbeing.

Clinically proven to treat the symptoms of menopause, the Embr Wave® 2 wristband uses precisely calibrated cooling or warming sensations to help you find relief, gain comfort, and have more control over how you feel.

Get immediate relief from hot flashes
Calm down during stressful moments
Fall asleep faster and improve sleep quality
Feel more comfortable when you can’t control the thermostat

The Wave provides a similar sensation to the refreshing chill of a cold glass or the comforting warmth of a hot mug.
Using the Wave is simple. Just press the blue side for cooling or the red side for warming.
Feel the relief – the cool or warm sensations activate a body and mind response, leading to improved comfort.
Control how you experience the Wave with unique waveforms designed to help improve discomfort, stress, and sleep.


Based on years of scientific research the wave bracelet is the first wearable device that makes temperature personal.

The Wave can deliver powerful temperature sensations in a compact, energy-efficient space through a scientific phenomena known as the Peltier Effect.

The Wave Bracelet activates your thermal senses, connecting to your perception of temperature, with associated cooling and warming sensations.

The Wave is being used to relieve stress, improve sleep, and give power back to people struggling with thermoregulation issues.

Embr Labs and Johnson & Johnson formed a partnership to study the benefits of Embr Wave for women dealing with hot flashes and thermal sleep disturbances. Results showed a 168% improvement in hot flash control and a 21% improvement in Insomnia Severity Index.


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