Eurowheel e-Trike for Adults & Seniors


This product may assist with independence, delight, and remaining active.

e-Trikes are a balanced form of transport that is stable, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use.

Adults and seniors find them extremely convenient for getting around with, often giving them a new-found sense of freedom.


The Eurowheel e-Trike in particular comes highly recommended. When shopping or transporting items the front basket and rear carrier of this e-Trike can be used to store bags or other possessions, and the journey will feel essentially effortless.

This e-Trike also incorporates a motorised pedal that makes it effortless to pedal, or indeed it is not really necessary to pedal at all! Eurowheel’s 3-wheel electric trike gives convenience a new meaning with its awesome features that are highly beneficial for seniorsIt’s foldable, making it compact and easy to carry anywhere.

It’s also equipped with fat tyres that make your ride more comfortable and stable.Another of its features is an LCD display which shows the rider its average speed and distance travelled.

The trike also has 5 Pedal Assist Modes, all of which can be set according to your preference. The three wheels are perfect for anybody that is not that comfortable in riding 2-wheel e-bike. It’s also much easier to use, especially for those with errands to run almost every day.

Besides its wide wheels, this e-trike also carries a front basket and a rear carrier pack, so you never need to worry about where to put your things or your bags of groceries!

    We believe it's time the world thought differently about what we're capable of at any age or health situation. Combining care, empathy, and the world's health-related technology, extraordinary things become possible.

    We see this as our responsibility to bring the best medical devices for home and professional to our region and combine it with healthcare services so we can make a change and a significant impact for those who need help at home or to visit one of our clinical partners.


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