MedCenter (70265) 31 Day Pill Organizer with Talking Reminder System


This product assists with adhering to taking medication and reducing confusion, which has benefits of keeping people well, preventing incidents, and reducing worry.


Taking medication is important to manage conditions, maintain health, and prevent incidents such as falls. Up to 70% of people don’t take medication as prescribed.

This product can assist with reminders and taking medication correctly. Features include.

  • Monthly, 4 daily dose, medication organizer with red and green coding tracks when the day is done
  • A loud talking alarm alerts users up to 4 times daily when it’s time to take medication
  • Easy set alarm clock

The MedCenter System is a combination of the MedCenter Organizer and MedCenter Talking Clock.

The MedCenter Organizer is:

  • 31 days of pill boxes made for those who take medication multiple times each day.
  • An easy set, loud FOUR alarm clock.
  • Gives caregivers and loved ones peace of mind.

This works on a date system not day of the week; through research, we discovered that confusion can occur as to what day of the week it is.

Because of this, our system works on a numbering system or “date” rather than the “day of the Week”. MedCenter Organizer: 31 daily pill boxes to organize your medications by the date.

The pillboxes are divided into four daily compartments, morning, noon, evening, and night. Red and Green color-coding on the ends of pillboxes show when daily doses are complete. Easy-open lids on pillboxes allow for easy access to needed medications.

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