Nature Journey Sound Card for Sound Oasis


Soothing sounds of nature for sleep sound therapy

  • Sound card with 12 natural sounds for sleep and relaxation
  • Use with Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System (not included)
  • Accessory only (will not work on its own)


Nature sounds to help you sleep and relax!

Your Sound Oasis Nature Journey Sound Card (SC-300-04) takes you to soothing and relaxing environments to help you sleep and relax easier. It incorporates 12 authentic digital recordings of nature professionally recorded in the wild.

Simply insert the card into your Sound Oasis to enjoy these 12 additional sounds!

NOTE: This is an accessory ONLY for use with Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy Systems. Great supplemental sounds for item 600992.

Sounds included:
– Thunderstorm in the Wilderness: Unwind to the exhilarating, but the soothing sound of distant thunder as gentle rain falls upon a remote lake.
– Crashing Waves on Rocky Point: Take a break and walk along a jagged coastline as you listen to the powerful, yet exhilarating, crash of waves against the rocks.
– Forest Rain: Relax to the steady tapping of refreshing mountain rain as it pelts the dense forest floor.
– Waterfall: Block out noise or drift off to sleep with the natural “white noise” effect of a thundering waterfall.
– Gentle Surf in a Hidden Cove: Discover the tranquility of soft surf as it washes against a sandy beach within a hidden cove.
– Ocean Rain: Sleep or relax with your favorite book as the wavering patter of rain falls upon the vast ocean.
– Wind: Nestle-in as a powerful, but calming windstorm blows through a deep mountain valley.
– Secluded Lake: Experience the peacefulness of a secluded lake with gently lapping water and songbirds.
– Caribbean Surf with Seabirds: Enjoy the calming sound of the surf from the shore of a sun-drenched tropical island as birds sing from nearby trees.
– Jungle Stream with Birds: Enjoy the peacefulness of a sparkling stream as exotic birds search the adjoining foliage for fruit and insects.
– Summer Night: A gentle chorus of crickets provides a peaceful and restful environment.
– Amazon Lagoon: Escape to a secluded lagoon and experience the calming sound of bird calls and a frog chorus.

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