NeilMed NasaFlo nasal irrigation jug with 60 saline bags


NeilMed NasaFlo is a nasal irrigation jug that you use to rinse your nose clean with salt water. The package includes 60 sachets of salt, which are mixed with water in the jug before rinsing. (New salt bags can then be purchased separately.) The pitcher is designed to provide an even flow.

Rinsing the nose with the NasaFlo nasal rinse can relieve colds, sinus problems, allergic nasal problems or irritated noses.

The package contains: 
1 nasal rinse jug
60 portion bags salt
Instructions for use

Additional information

Dosage & use

Do one or more rinses in each nostril morning and evening, or as needed. Stir the contents of a bag (2.4 g) into the pitcher with 240 ml of body-temperature water. One bag of Sinus Rinse salt is enough for rinsing both nostrils.

If you suspect an ear infection or other ear problems, you should consult a doctor before rinsing.


The salt contains: Sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate

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