One Finger Safety Cutter


Ideal for blind and visually impaired

  • Cut paper and packaging with one finger
  • Great for opening boxes and cutting gift wrap paper
  • Unique one-finger operation
  • Safe zirconia ceramic blade
  • Comfortable to use and is one size fits all


The One Finger Safety Cutter will cut paper and packaging with just one finger, protecting you from opening up tricky packages, envelopes, boxes, etc. It’s very safe to use! Just place on your fingertip with the head pointing down and hold the item to be cut in your other hand or rest it on a cutting mat. Apply pressure and draw a line to make a cut at a 45-degree angle. Also great for coupon cutting and craft projects. One size fits all and comfortable to use. Rubber safety cutter measures 1 1/2 x 3/4 in.

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