O’TOM tick picker


Set of two tick pickers that easily remove both small and large ticks

O’TOM is a set of two tick pickers that make it easy to remove both small and large ticks.

The tick picker is designed as a hook that is inserted under the tick’s body. The advantage of this design is that you do not squeeze around the tick’s body, which minimizes the risk of the tick’s stomach contents being squeezed out.

O’TOM was developed by a French veterinarian and in 1995 the large picker began to be sold, which was mainly intended for ticks on animals such as dogs or cats. A couple of years later, O’TOM was supplemented with a smaller picker to be able to remove even the smallest ticks. Both sizes can be used for ticks on humans as well as on dogs or cats.

  • Tick ​​picker
  • Makes it easy to remove ticks




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