Oura Ring


This product may help you stay well by better understanding your body, preventing or predicting health challenges, motivating activity, and sharing results with your health professional.

Oura empowers you to transform your health by combining a smart ring equipped with advanced sensor technology and an easy-to-use app. Sleep, readiness, activity.


  • Wake up to Readiness, Sleep, and Activity insights built for you, and dive deeper into Oura’s in-app guidance to optimize your daily routines.
  • Why is Oura Different?
  • Oura is designed to provide both accuracy and comfort without compromise.
  • With precise sensors, Oura packs state of the art heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, activity, and sleep monitoring technology into a convenient, non-invasive ring.
  • Accuracy Above All When you visit your doctor, there’s a reason they measure your pulse from the finger and not the wrist
  • —it’s the ideal source for accurate and reliable data.
  • Oura puts this passion for accuracy into practice by:
  • Measuring from your finger:
  • Rather than settling for the capillaries on the surface of your wrist, Oura measures from the arteries within your fingers.
    The ring form factor also minimizes movement—sealing signals off from outside light without having to tighten a strap.
    Prioritizing the right sensors: Oura uses infrared light photoplethysmography (PPG), which reaches deeper than the green light LEDs found in most other wearables
    . Taking your temperature: Oura is one of the only wearables that measures your temperature directly from your skin.
    Many wearables don’t track body temperature at all, and others only capture the temperature of your external environment, not your body.
    Temperature is one of your core vital signs and can reveal key insight about your current body status.
    Constantly validating:
  • While Oura is not a medical device, its capabilities are near perfect when compared to advanced medical technologies.
  • Resting heart rate:
  • 99.9% reliability compared to medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) and validated against the sleep lab golden standard – PSG. Read the study.
    Heart rate variability:
  • 98.4% reliability compared to medical-grade ECG. Read the study.
  • Measures changes as small as 0.01 °C.
    Tailored to You With each person comes a unique version of “normal.” Rather than base your averages on impersonal details like age and weight,
  • Oura gets to know you—providing a personalized set of baselines to help you achieve your goals and reach your potential.
  • Oura understands your normal and lets you know you when something seems off.
  • Whether it’s disrupted sleep after a night out, or a negative Readiness trend after a stressful month at work—Oura helps you understand what’s happening on the inside.
  • Easy to Use Getting up to speed with Oura is a simple process, and its small form factor and lack of a tight wrist band ensures your normal routine carries on uninterrupted.
  • Sleep soundly:
  • The Oura Ring is one of the smallest and most comfortable ways to monitor your sleep.
  • With no flashing lights or vibrations, Oura maintains its low profile—ensuring you stay sound asleep. Keep your routine:
  • Go about your day without having to worry about tightening a strap or packing a charger.
  • Oura’s strong battery life lasts up to one week and its diamond-like carbon coating means it is water resistant up to 100m and can withstand temperatures from saunas to ice baths.
  • Use Your Favorite Apps
  • Oura’s sleep monitoring is unrivaled, but other tools are awesome when it comes to measuring activity and are, oftentimes, essential parts of a healthy routine.
  • Durable & Water Resistant Scratch resistant, durable titanium with a diamond-like carbon coating.
  • Water resistant up to 100m. 1 Week Battery Life Battery life of up to 1 week with fast, wireless charging Simple,
  • Personal Insights
  • Three daily scores — Sleep, Activity, and Readiness — give you a clear understanding of the state of your body with actionable guidance on how to improve
    Unrivaled Sleep Monitoring See your sleep stages — REM, deep, light — and a personalized Sleep Score each morning.
    Discover your ideal bedtime.
  • Daily Readiness Score Find your balance between strain and recovery.
  • Learn how your sleep, activity, and lifestyle choices affect your health each day.
  • Dynamic Activity Progress
  • Measure your steps, monitor your inactive time, and reach dynamic activity goals based on your readiness
  • Long-Term Trends View your daily, weekly, and monthly trends to discover how your choices and environment affect your body
  • Take a Moment
  • Check in with your body using Oura’s Moment feature.
  • Get HR & HRV insights immediately following a guided meditation or mindful breathing session.
  • Apple Health & Google Fit
  • Automatically sync your workouts from your favorite fitness apps through Apple Health and Google Fit Track Habits with Tags
    Customize your experience by adding tags — like “caffeine” or “alcohol” — and discover how your choices affect your sleep and readiness
    Social Sharing Easily share your scores and insights with family and friends Oura on the Web
    Get a more detailed view of your data with Oura’s web experience.
    See advanced charts and download your data for a deeper analysis.
    Oura Teams Professional organizations, coaches, and health providers can create groups to monitor and improve their progress
  • With Oura’s Apple Health and Google Fit integrations, you can continue using your favorite workout apps while wearing your ring.
  • Link your Apple Health or Google Fit account, and import items directly into your Oura app.

    We believe it's time the world thought differently about what we're capable of at any age or health situation. Combining care, empathy, and the world's health-related technology, extraordinary things become possible.

    We see this as our responsibility to bring the best medical devices for home and professional to our region and combine it with healthcare services so we can make a change and a significant impact for those who need help at home or to visit one of our clinical partners.


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