Physiomer Normal Jet & Spray 135 ml


Physiomer Normal Jet & Spray is a nasal rinse that helps with several types of nasal problems. In case of nasal congestion, it cleans the upper airways and makes breathing through the nose easier and more comfortable. Physiomer Normal Jet & Spray is recommended by ear-nose-throat specialists and can be used as often as needed

Physiomer Normal Jet & Spray contains natural, isotonic seawater. The seawater comes from the Saint-Malo coast and is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements. The seawater solution in combination with the unique, sterile packaging means that Physiomer Normal Jet & Spray effectively cleans, rinses and removes excess mucus. It moisturizes and restores the nasal mucosa and prevents secondary infections in the ears, nose and throat.

Additional information

Dosage & use

Physiomer Normal Jet & Spray contains 2 different nozzles for different uses. The blue gives a fine spray, the white gives a concentrated beam. The white mouthpiece is used for a runny nose caused by a cold or other nasal infection. The blue mouthpiece is used as daily prevention and for maintaining good nasal hygiene.


Isotonic seawater

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