Pocket Medication Pillbox with Alarm (Vibrating or Beep)


This product can assist with independence and adhering to taking medicine that keeps you well.


  • PILL ORGANIZER: For those who only need a small capacity pill box solution, this 4X1 pill box set includes a 4 compartment pill box with an attached reminder. Capacity of each of the 4 compartments is 8 Aspirin-sized pills.
  • EASY TO SET: Slide the left switches to set alarms, and the right switch to set notification type.
  • ALARMS: The set alarms will automatically repeat every day. The notification type can be set for vibration, beeping or both.
  • PILL REMINDER: At alarm time the alarm will go off for 30 seconds. It will repeat twice if not turned off, after 4 minutes and after 8 minutes. In addition, a pill icon and the alarm number set for that time will appear on the display. The alarm number matches the numbered pillbox compartment holding the medications for that alarm (1, 2, 3, or 4). Tap the center button to silence the alarm.
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