Potassium iodide SERB tablet 65 mg 10 pcs


Ingestion of iodine tablets must only take place at the special request of the County Administrative Board or the Radiation Safety Authority

Iodine tablets are intended for use by the population in the vicinity of nuclear power plants if radioactive iodine were to spread into the air in the event of a nuclear accident. The tablets are used as a preventive treatment against thyroid disorders.

In the event of a nuclear accident, the message about iodine tablets is broadcast on the radio. The tablets do not protect against other types of radiation from radioactive substances.

The uptake of radioactive iodine in the thyroid gland can be blocked by early administration of a high dose of potassium iodide. The thyroid gland has then already absorbed enough iodide and any radioactive iodine cannot be absorbed. The risk of thyroid cancer after exposure to radioactive iodine is greater for young individuals than for the elderly. In general, fetuses from the 12th week, newborns and children belong to the most sensitive groups because the thyroid gland in young individuals is growing.

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Dosage & use

Ingestion of iodine tablets must only take place at the special request of the County Administrative Board or the Radiation Safety Authority.
Always take iodine tablets as directed by your doctor. In order to obtain the best possible protection, the dose must be taken as quickly as possible when the release of radioactive iodine becomes known.

Usual single dose is:
Adults, younger than 40 years, and children over 12 years: 2 tablets
Children 3-12 years: 1 tablet
Children 1 month – 3 years: ½ tablet
Newborns, younger than one month: ¼ tablet

The tablet can be chewed or swallowed whole. For infants, the dose can be crushed and mixed into water, juice or the like. If the discharge has not stopped, another dose can be taken within two days. The County Administrative Board or the Radiation Safety Authority gives notice of this. Newborns should not be given more than one dose. People over the age of 40 do not need to take iodine tablets because at that age no increase in the frequency of radiation-induced thyroid cancer has been found.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should take iodine tablets no more than twice.


The active substance is potassium iodide 65 mg (equivalent to 50 mg iodine).

Other ingredients are LACTOSE ANHYDRATE, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate (E 572).

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