Pregnancy test knit 2 pcs


Pregnancy test in 1 step. The test strip is easy to use and is 99.5% reliable. Already after 7 days of fertilization, these tests can give you an indication of whether you are pregnant. The advantage of these test sticks is that they are one of the widest on the market (6mm), which makes it easier to read the result compared to a narrow stick. Using a pregnancy test strip is just as easy as other methods.

High sensitivity to early pregnancy
The test strip has a high sensitivity to the hormone hCG (Human Choriogonadotropin) and can therefore easily pick up the low concentration of just 25 mI/ml hCG required to confirm a pregnancy. The body’s hCG production begins shortly after fertilization has taken place. According to many laboratories, the limit of 25Im/ml hCG is reliable enough to detect a pregnancy, but lower concentrations of hCG are not enough to ensure a pregnancy. 

Safe pregnancy test – 99.5% certainty
The pregnancy test is designed to only react to true pregnancy, ie. it only reacts if hCG can be detected. This therefore excludes the display of false test results and prevents the stick from reacting to the hormone LH which occurs naturally in the body during ovulation.

Easy-to-use pregnancy test
Attached manual in Swedish gives you all the information you need to use the test stick correctly. If you have any questions, please contact us via customer service.

Safe packaging
The pregnancy stick is surrounded by a foil package which is also protected against moisture and guarantees that the stick is safe to use when the packaging is broken.
The pregnancy stick is equipped with a CE mark (in accordance with the IVD directive). 

Additional information

Dosage & use

The leaflet that comes with the package contains detailed instructions on how to use the pregnancy test. The pregnancy test is done by measuring the hormone levels in your urine.

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