RFSU Ovulation test 14 pcs


RFSU Ovulation test is easy to carry out and you get a clear message in a few minutes. The ovulation test can measure very low hormone levels and is therefore highly reliable.

The ovulation test is of the same type that midwives and gynecologists use and was developed in collaboration with the RFSU clinic.

Additional information

Dosage & use

How to take the test
You should take the test at about the same time every day. Do not use the first morning urine as the LH level is not detected in the urine until later in the day. The most suitable time is from 10.00 and 20.00 when the LH secretion is greatest in the body. It is important that you have not urinated for at least 4 hours before performing the test to avoid dilution of the LH hormone in the urine. Also avoid drinking large amounts of liquid 2 hours before testing.

1. Collect urine in a clean and dry container. A couple of centimeters from the bottom is enough.
2. Allow the sealed package with the test strip and urine sample to reach room temperature (18-30°C, takes only a few minutes).
3. Have a watch ready.
4. Open the package along the marking and use the test strip as soon as possible.
5. Hold the colored part of the needle. Dip the other part with downward arrows in the urine. Do not dive deeper than the max line. Pick up the stick after 5 seconds and lay it flat on a clean, dry surface.
6. Wait for 10 minutes and let the needle lie completely still. One or two bands of color appear against a light background in the field next to the colored part. Do not read any results after 30 minutes.

How to read the result

Positive result – LH surge
If two colored lines appear and the test line is as strong or stronger than the control line, LH surge has been detected. You are most fertile for the next 2 days. If you have intercourse within the next 48 hours, your chances of getting pregnant increase. You can save leftover tests if you need to test again.

Negative result – no LH surge
If only one colored line appears in the control area or if the test line appears but is lighter than the control line, there is no detectable LH surge in the urine. Keep testing in the coming days. If you were unable to detect any LH surge in this cycle, it may be due to the following;
– You may not have had an LH surge in this cycle. It is normal to skip ovulation at some point.
– You may have tested too early or too late in the cycle.
– The amount of LH in the urine may have been too low.

Invalid result
If no line is displayed, perform another test and follow the user instructions carefully. This may be because you have not performed the test correctly. If the problem persists, contact RFSU.

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