Rhino Horn nasal irrigation jug blue


Rhino Horn nasal irrigation can is used with lukewarm salt water to remove dry secretions and dirt in the nose. Nasal irrigation cleans the nose when you have a cold and if you stay in dusty and dirty environments. Nasal irrigation can relieve pollen and dust allergies.
Rhino Horn is easy to use, but read the instructions carefully before rinsing. User manual included.

Additional information

Dosage & use

Pour approx. 2.3 ml of table salt with the measuring spoon into the Rhino Horn and fill with 3 dl of water at body temperature. (Use common table salt or fine sea salt – not Seltin or iodized salt.) Shake the jug so that all the salt dissolves.

Insert the spout into the most open nostril – from the side, not the front – and gently push up the nostril so that it closes tightly around the spout. Breathe through the mouth. Bend slightly from the hip so that the head comes over the sink. Make sure the chin comes in towards the body. (Don't stick your chin out.) Turn your head to the side and remember to keep your chin in. The water now flows into one nostril and out through the other.

When about half of the water has gone through, straighten the head and remove the Rhino Horn. A little water will now run out of your nose and you drain the rest by closing one nostril and blowing gently through the other. Then close the other one and blow gently. Do not blow so strongly that it clicks or pops in the ears. The rest of the water is now poured through the other nostril.

Make sure all the water comes out of the nose and sinuses after rinsing.

Do the same with the other side and the nostril.

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