Rollz – Motion/Rhythm Rollator for Parkinson’s


This product may assist with independence, keeping active, maintaining mobility, and reducing falls.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm is a rollator with three cues, for people with Parkinson’s or a disrupted walking pattern.

The laser line stimulates the user to start a movement, while the metronome and the vibration in the handles support the walking rhythm.


To prevent habituation, these cues are individually adjustable via the module on the Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator or via the Rollz app.

Main Features:

Adjustable cues: The intensity and rhythm of each cue is adjustable so you can tailor the cues that work best for you. You can have 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3 cues selected. You can set the cues to run for 8 beats, 16 beats, 32 beats or continuously.
Bluetooth: The audio cue and tactile cue can also be set to run through your smartphone for a discreet prompt. Audio can be bluetoothed from your phone to earplugs.
Green laser: Bright, easy to see green laser line.
* Easy steering: Large wheels and shorter than average wheelbase which makes it very easy to steer.
* Ergonomic handles: Inverted and ergonomic handles which reduces pressure on finger and wrists joints.
Portable: Collapses easily for transport.

Keep on Walking:
* Use In Rehabilitation Programs
This versatile rollator can be used by physiotherapists and other professionals supporting patients rehabilitating from neurological or mobility-impacting injuries. This includes people who have been in a coma, people living with Multiple Sclerosis, or other neurological conditions that require extra support in order to (re-learn how to) walk.

Regain your Rhythm at the Push of a Button
Easy to set and activate by yourself or with your practitioner
The Rollz Motion Rhythm is developed on the same frame as the Rollz Motion, to which an electronic module has been added to offer visual, audible and tactile stimuli.

The cues of this Parkinson rollator start when one of the buttons on the handles is being pressed. Your practitioner can help choose the cue combination, frequency, duration and intensity to fit your specific situation.

Overcoming Freezing of Gait
Cues are meant to alert and trigger into an action
Parkinson’s patients can experience sudden, short and temporary episodes of inability to move the feet forward, despite the intention to walk. This could result in the characteristic appearance of the feet making quick stepping movements in place. A trigger or cue can overcome this.

Unique Combination
No Parkinson’s patient is alike, so how could one rollator work for everyone?
The three cues on the Parkinson rollator can be combined together in different ways and (de)activated on the go. This allows you to always have the right cue at the right moment.

Furthermore, each cue can be adjusted to perfectly fit your needs in terms of speed, intensity and duration. This way, every person living with Parkinson’s disease can use it in their own rhythm.


More Detailed Features:

App – Adjust the cues.
Laser – Laser line on the ground to step out of a freeze.
Sound – Stay in the walking rhythm with the metronome.
Vibration – The vibration in the handlebar make you feel the walking rhythm.
Stable – Walk tall and steadily between the ergonomic hand grips that are adjustable in height.
Compact – The Rollz Motion Rhythm is easily foldable into a compact package that fits in almost any car.
Comfortable – The large rear wheels with soft tyres and foam handles ensure a comfortable walk.
Maneuverable – Light steering and easy motion with the maneuverable front wheels.
Easy aid – Cross doorsteps and kerbs easily with the kerb assistant.
Safe – Innovative drum brakes, suitable to wet and dry conditions.

What’s in the box
1 rollator
2 armrests
1 seat cushion
1 seat bag
1 module
2 adjustment handles


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