SalvequickMED Maxi Cover Antibact 5 pcs

SalvequickMED Maxi Cover Antibac is a quick dressing with antibacterial substance in the compress to reduce the risk of infection.

The patch should be changed daily to clean the wound.
• Transparent, ultra-thin and self-adhesive protective film that withstands rough handling and provides effective protection against dirt
• Waterproof
• Allows the skin to breathe
• Very flexible
• Moist wound treatment heals wounds faster and reduces the risk of scarring
• Highly absorbent wound pad
• Glue around all four sides
• Extra large patch (76×54 mm) with large wound pad (50×28 mm).

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Polyurethane, Polyacrylate transparent, Viscose/polypropylene, mesh of polyethylene, Impregnated with the antibacterial substance PHMB (0.2%), Siliconized paper against the adhesive surfaces, Siliconized transparent polyethyleneFILm, cold-sealed paper.

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