smpl Call Button Kit – Call Button and Caregiver Pager


Now don’t worry when they need your help!

  • This smpl alert kit is part of the simplest and most complete caregiver monitoring system available today
  • Caregiver receives pager alerts when the caregetter presses the SOS/Help button— ideal for emergencies or when they need something
  • Promotes safety/independence for caregivers/caregetters— receive alerts where caregiver is situated in/around home when button is pressed
  • Combo SOS/Help pendant kit arrives ready to work— hang the pendant around their neck or detach the neck strap and it fits in their pocket
  • Never miss an alert— hear and feel the portable pager’s sound, vibration, and visual flashing alerts within 250 ft of the smpl pendant


ething when the caregiver is close by to help. The smpl pendant (and pager) is water-resistant, so it can hang in the shower (not a direct spray). The smpl pager alarm is portable, enabling the caregiver to be aware of any situations when they are not beside or watching the caregetter. Clip the smpl pager to a caregiver’s pocket, place on desk/table or wall mount— wherever they are situated so alerts do not startle caregetter.

Caregivers can accomplish other tasks in another room, in the backyard, or at a neighbor’s house within 100-200 ft of the pendant in an average home. No Wi-Fi, no monthly fee, and it works right out of the box. No tools required. Expandable system. Pager requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). Ideal for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, seniors, children, vision and hearing impaired, and the disabled.

—Portable smpl pager clips on a belt or pants (removable clip)
—Removable neck strap allows caregetter to put the pendant in their pocket
—Receive alerts within 250 ft of the sensors in open air, or 100-200 ft in the average home
—Easy to use solution
—Pager On/Off, volume, and melody sounds
—Low battery indicators
—Choose from 50 different pager alert sounds and 4 volume levels— can be set differently (or same sound) for each sensor
—Expandable- up to 20 sensors (smpl Motion, Door, or SOS/Help pendants) can be connected to one alarm to expand the coverage for increased safety, independence, and peace of mind

Included: motion sensor with bracket, adhesive tape, a button cell battery pre-installed in the 3V CR2450, pager with removable belt clip

smpl Help Pendant specs:
—Measures 2.25in H x 1.20in W
—Operation range: 250 ft in straight line open air; 100-200 ft in the average home
—Radio frequency: 433.92Mhz – 200Khz
—Operating current: 3uA (standby), 15mA (transmitting)
—Operating voltage: 3V DC
—Battery type: 3V CR2032 button cell battery pre-installed
—Low power alert
—Water-resistant (splashes, no direct spray)

smpl Pager specs:
—Parameter: vibrating receiver
—Voltage: 3V DC power 2 x AAA batteries not included
—Transmitter distance: up to 250 feet in open air; 100-200 ft in the average home
—Operating frequency: 433.02Mhz – 200Khz
—Volume: 25-110dB

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