Terbinafine Teva, cream 10 mg/g 30 g


Terbinafine Teva is an over-the-counter medicine used to treat athlete’s foot between the toes and fungal infection in the groin. Not to be used for children under 12.
Symptoms of athlete’s foot between the toes can include itching, redness and scaling between the toes. Cracks sometimes occur. You can also get oozing blisters. Athlete’s foot usually smells bad.
Symptoms of fungal infection in the groin can be itching, redness and scaling.

Additional information

Dosage & use

Dosage and treatment times:
– Athlete's foot between the toes: Once daily for a week.
– Fungal infection in the groin: Once daily for 1-2 weeks.

An improvement in symptoms is usually seen after a few days, but it is important to continue the treatment to avoid relapse. Contact a doctor if improvement does not occur after 1 week (for athlete's foot) or 2 weeks (for fungal infection in the groin).

Not to be used for children under 12.

For external use only.

The skin must be clean and dry when you apply the cream. Apply a thin layer of cream on and around affected skin and rub in lightly. If the infestation is in skin folds (in the groin), the skin can be covered with a sterile compress, especially at night. Wash your hands after treatment so that the cream does not accidentally get into your eyes.

You should not use Terbinafine Teva cream if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or if you are breast-feeding. Babies should not come into contact with treated areas of skin, including the breasts.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicine.

The cream can be used 3 months after opening the tube.


The active substance is terbinafine hydrochloride. 1 gram of cream contains 10 mg of terbinafine hydrochloride.

Other ingredients: sodium hydroxide (E524), benzyl alcohol, sorbitan stearate (E491), cetyl palmitate, cetyl alcohol, cetostearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60 (E435), isopropyl myristate, purified water.

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