Trix Sticky Ice Cream


TRIX Tick Gel is a safe, quick and painless way to remove ticks. The unique design means that the entire tick is removed at once, thus reducing the risk of infection.

TRIX works like a lasso and automatically grabs the tick in the right way, i.e. glides next to the skin where the tick is hardest without pinching or crushing. Grasping the tick is very fast, so the method is especially good for children who have difficulty staying still for a long time. The long, narrow shape facilitates picking in ears and in other hard-to-reach places. The pick works well even if hair gets into the snare. The soft loop does not damage the tick, which is important to avoid infections and get faster wound healing.
The tick always remains on the blue tip after removal and can be handled appropriately without touching. If you tap the blue tip “lightly” against e.g. a table top, the tick dies immediately.

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