Vita-Pos eye ointment 5 ml


VitA-POS is an effective eye ointment that protects and relieves discomfort from really dry eyes. VitA-POS protects the outer parts of the eye and helps the eyelids slide more easily over the cornea. VitA-POS contains vitamin A, which has a positive effect on the tear film and the outer cell layer of the eye.

VitA-POS has a shelf life of 6 months after opening the package.

Additional information

Dosage & use

VitA-POS is dosed freely and individually as needed. In case of severe complaints, treatment is recommended 3 times a day. The treatment time is completely unlimited. May cause blurred vision immediately after application.


1 g of VitA-POS® eye ointment contains retinol palmitate 250 IU, vaseline, paraffin and wool fat.

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