Wellue® – Forehead & Ear Infrared Thermometer


This product can assist with monitoring health, predicting or preventing incidents – with benefits to families, carers, health professionals or places of business.

Created with advanced IR sensor technology, this Smart Forehead & Ear Infrared Thermometer can instantly deliver accurate and reliable readings of body temperature.

It can be used as a personal temperature checker at home, for you, or visitors for disease control and prevention etc.

After each check, the Bluetooth Version can send the data to the related App. Or the Non-Bluetooth Version can store 40 sets of data in built-in memory.

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Easy Operation & Fast Results.
This thermometer is designed for all ages including children, adults and elders. It’s ideal for those who want to keep a close eye on the body temperature of kids and loved ones without the need of disturbing their sleep or requiring extreme care like using traditional mercury thermometer.

Four Colour Display.
With 4 functional modes (adult forehead, child forehead, ear, object), the 4 in 1 Forehead & Ear Infrared thermometer can not only measure human temperature but temperature of environment or object surface as well. If fever detected the gadget will prompt warnings, and it can be easily switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit as preferred.

Bluetooth & App Connection.
The Bluetooth version thermometer allows temperature readings to be transmitted to mobile app. You can track your temperature history, add detailed notes to record your activities after every check, and share the information with doctors or family members. Bluetooth version doesn’t have built-in memory, therefore keeping Bluetooth connection on during each check is essential for storing data on app.

Essential for Family Health Care.
Using highly accurate & sensitive scanner, powered by advanced infrared technology, this 4 in 1 Forehead & Ear Infrared Thermometer is a true friend of your health care.


DEVICE WEIGHT : 2.82oz/80g
MEASUREMENT RANGE FOR FOREHEAD & EAR: 32.0°C–42.9°C (89.6°F–109.2°F)
WIRELESS CONNECTION : Bluetooth 4.0/Free iOS & Android app (Bluetooth version ONLY)
DEVICE DIMENSIONS : 5.63” x 1.38” x 1.61”
MEMORY :40 groups of measured temperature (Non-Bluetooth version ONLY)
DISPLAY TYPE : LCD screen, 4-color LED backlight
ACCURACY (LAB) : ±0.2°C /±0.4°F (Ear & Forehead mode)±1.0°C / ±2.0°F (Object mode)
POWER SUPPLY : 2 x AAA alkaline battery; 3.0V DC (= use more than 3000 times)

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