Wellue Handheld Pulse Oximeter


This product may help you stay well by better understanding your body, preventing or predicting health challenges, and to share results with your health professional.  For see by patients, carers or health professionals.

Provides medically accurate measurement of SpO2 and Pulse Rate. Specific cables for adults and infants are included.

  • Accurate – FDA approved, Accurate measurement SpO2 & Pulse Rate
  • Comprehensive – Accessories for adults and infants
  • Color LCD Screen – Bigger display with detailed menu
  • Multi-User – Supports up to 16 user accounts
  • Storage Capacity – 580 hours of data storage for SpO2 & PR
  • Built-on Holder – For Charging and Standing Display
  • Audible & Visual Alert – For Abnormal SpO2 & Pulse Rate
  • Rechargeable – Battery indicator; Low Battery Mode for Longer Using time


Parameters that Matter

  • Accurately detects SpO2, PR (Pulse Rate), and PI (Perfusion Index). Quickly responds and displays on the big screen in real-time.
  • If the probe is not well placed or disconnected, or the measured value exceeds the preset alert limit value, then the alert indicator will flash with orange color.
  • *It is recommended that the Oximeter should not be applied to the same location for longer than 2 hours or less if any abnormal condition is found.


Bigger Screen Tells You More

  • Just at a glance, the significant data are all in your eyes.
  • Color LED screen provides an ultra easy-to-read experience.


For Adults, Children, and Babies

  • Professional cables for adults & children and babies are included in accessories. You can select “Adult” or “Neonate” as a patient type for more specific measurement and analysis.


Be proactive about your health, predict and prevent problems or share with your health professional.

The professional choice for clinics and families, provides medically accurate measurement of SpO2 and Pulse Rate.

Specific cables for adults and infants are included.

    We believe it's time the world thought differently about what we're capable of at any age or health situation. Combining care, empathy, and the world's health-related technology, extraordinary things become possible.

    We see this as our responsibility to bring the best medical devices for home and professional to our region and combine it with healthcare services so we can make a change and a significant impact for those who need help at home or to visit one of our clinical partners.


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