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NoseBuddy is a nasal irrigation jug with a unique design and long curved spout that provides a good water flow. Makes it easy to rinse your nose even if you are really congested. NoseBuddy is easy to use for both adults and children. Volume of 0.5 liters.
Yogi’s NoseBuddy is made of environmentally friendly plastic, approved for medical use.
NoseBuddy® is a registered trademark belonging to Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School© 2006.

Additional information

Dosage & use

Place a leveled measuring scoop of salt in the NoseBuddy (measuring scoop included). Use fine-grained table salt/table salt, preferably without additives such as iodine and anti-caking agents.

Fill in lukewarm clean water to the measuring line (0.5 litres). Normally it is fine to use tap water.

Stir. All the salt should dissolve. The water now has the same salt concentration as the body's cells, physiological (isotonic) solution with 0.9% salt. The right salinity and temperature provide pleasant rinsing.

Rinse your nose. Stand by a sink. Insert NoseBuddy's spout into one nostril so it closes tightly. Breathe calmly through your mouth. Bend your head and torso forward. Turn your head slightly to the side and let the jug follow you upwards. Now the water flows by itself in through one nostril and out through the other. Dirt and mucus are washed out.

Let the water drain out. Bend forward and stand for a moment with your head and upper body hanging relaxed downwards, so that the water runs out of your nose.

Blow your nose through one nostril at a time.

Rinse the pitcher and spoon in hot water before and after each time you rinse your nose. Let them air dry. If necessary, hand wash or disinfect the jug. NoseBuddy can withstand washing in the dishwasher, but it can cause limescale stains on the inside of the jug.

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